Books about mysophobia

My today’s post is mostly due to the fact that I have not written anything since a long time rather that I have a list of literature about mysophobia. Still, I just came across a famous especially in the USA person – Howie Mandel. He’s probably one of the most famous person who made a public claim about his OCD, which is also mysophobia.

I read more about Howie and find out his book called – „Here’s the Deal – Don’t Touch Me”. It’s a more biography than a deep story of mysophobia. There are a few interesting issues mentioned. Mysophobia can be problematic, but if you consider someone who is recognisable in everyday situations it can be even more tough. We can also learn that Howie’s misophoby has some roots in his childchood.

After all, depsite the book is rather a biography I could recommend it. There are not many books on the market dedicated to this OCD, so I guess you might take a look at it. If you know any other books worth reading do not hesitate to leave your comment.


Environment and mysophobia

I would like to raise an issue of environment in which we grew up and live. There is a little doubt that it has a huge impact on us – both positive and negative, especially when we talk about mysophobia.

Does your family even realize that mysophobia is not just pedantry or illness? I guess such a clueless environment might have a very destructive influence on us . But should we be fooling ourselves all the time? Mysophobia is not very often discussed on public forums. Since there are so many various initiatives all over the world, what about making mysophobia parade 🙂 I recently came across some well written picture that I guess summarize this entry – so I guess I paste it in here for you to comment.



Mysophobia in various countries

This time, only a short post as I’d like to get your opinions on the above subject. Do you believe that there are countries better / worse for mysophobic? In my country mysophobia is rather like some kind of a taboo, or to put it another way – people are unfamilliar that this kind of phobia exists at all.
I read that in the USA more than 50% of people may not have mysophobia, but are very concern on the matter of  germs. Japan would also be contry that is more aware on this subject. If you could share your observations on how mysophobia is known in other countries, including this where you live – please write in the comments section.

Mysophobia in the movie world

I would like to briefly look at how mysophobia is shown in today’s cinematography. It turns out that it is not a very common plot, and shown in a slightly caricatured way.

I cannot find any movie fully dedicated to mysophobia. I found only three movies referring to it. The first is a South Korean production called “Sum-Bakk-og-Jil”. We also have two productions from Hollywood: Aviator 2004 and Contagion from 2011. In the first case, it is a story based on the life of an inventor called Howard Hughes. Mysophobia is shown in a few scenes here, one quite suggestive showing Howard struggling with a public toilet 🙂 At the end of the movie there’s one scene showing mysophobia a little bit caricatured – in rather a deep stage of the phobia, where the hero changes his entire apartment into a kind of laboratory. But I do not know exactly how much actually it refers to the true story of Howard Hughes.

The second movie is Contagion – it’s a story of a worldwide epidemic and how it can spread due to a lack of hygiene. So we can debate how people with that phobia could behave in such a situation 🙂 In the second part of the movie we see that the majority of the characters, forced by the situation seems all to behave like they would suffer from mysophobia.

If you know any movie referring to mysophobia do not hesitate to comment here, I think Hollywood should give us a movie fully dedicated to mysophobia picturing it from various perespictives.


How to cure mysophobia?

Or maybe we should ask whether to cure it after all? I can only imagine that as a phobia it cannot be cured completely. We can try various treatment methods, but as long as it’s not having typical illness symptoms there would not be possible to get rid of it for good. I guess mysophobia is strictly connected with our character as well as behavior – so we have to accept it. The other thing is whether our society is willing to accept it. I remember that one time I started a forum thread only suggesting my situation (I did not refer to the term mysophobia) and I faced a lot of bad comments suggesting that I would better be completely isolated from the society. I guess at least in my country it’s a lot of job to be done in that matter. But after all I am very eager to read your comments on that matter – mysophobia treatment as well as society connected issues.

Mysophobic in public places

I think we would all agree that no matter how strong kind of mysophobia are you having public places are not your favourites. The first problem we would face in such a place is definitely issue with using handles. Contacting them is not a pleasure and at least in my case it will always lead to washing them on the nearest occasion. But I also heard that some people always carry some kind of hand santizer. The other option that I personally prefer is to open a door by using a handkerchief – especially when I go to the toilet. I could not imagine that after touching such a handle later… I guess you know what I mean. Such a situatiion brings on my mind also some kind of a joke:

A: Hi. I wanted to ask you a question.
B: Sure.
A: Do you feel ok when after leaving toilet you do not wash your hands?
B: Yes.
A: I always wash my hands after I leave a toilet.
B: You see – there are two groups of men. The first of those who wash their hands after leaving toilet. The second group are all men that have clean genitals.

Maybe it’s not that funny but very true – at least for me. Of course I would not advice not to clean your hands after you leave the toilet, but in case I have to choose wheter to clean them before or after I would always choose the first option, especially after touching such a public object.
Other intresting publick places that we could face bacterias are for sure trams, buses, tube. It’s even more annoying for me when somebody call me on my mobile and I just touched such an object with my both hands. By this occasion I can tell you so called mysofobic life-hack I was able to invent – always do dirty thing with one hand, leaving the other clean 🙂 By dirty things I mean of course paying in a shop, opening doors etc.So I also wonder how you feel in public places. I guess it can depend on the country you’re living in, but I will be glad to hear some comment from you.

How common phobia is mysophobia?

As I am not a doctor nor scientists I can guess it’s difficult to answer precisely that question. I tried a  quick search on the Internet but was not able to find any recent data even on the global scale. I can only guess it’s becoming more and more common phobia especially since a few years. The main reason could be recent pandemic and epidemic diseases.

After all in the past I always thought I am the only person on the world with such a fobia 🙂